Tis the season to be adventurous

It’s just over 3 weeks now until the Helly Hansen Cumbria Commotion adventure race at Lakeside on the shores of Windermere. I’m feeling light, strong, fit, and ready for anything. All the forms have been filled out and sent off, the tent has been dug out of storage, and we’re assessing what equipment we’re missing that we’ll need for the rest of the year.

My mind keeps going back to the Open C2C. I’ve dreamed of making the journey from west coast to east, either by foot or by bike, ever since my university days, but have ever got around to doing it. The plan was always to take a couple of weeks to gently saunter across the country. The idea of making the journey in 4 days is something I find incredibly exciting and tempting.

Of course, the usual thoughts flow through my mind: do I have the mental fortitude to endure 4 straight days of, let’s face it, physical self-torture, will I complete it, just how tough is it really.

The deadline for registration isn’t until July so there is plenty of time to mull it over yet.