iPhone Wireframe Photoshop Template


If you’ve ever needed to create an iPhone wireframe of your app, but coudldn’t find a Photoshop template that didn’t suit your needs, then this could be just the thing for you.

Most other templates are too bogged down in the aesthetics of the iPhone. My template just provides a bare-bones outline of the iPhone, full size. Over on the right is a preview of what the template looks like. You can click it to view the large preview.

[download id=“1”]


Update: Get the iPhone 5 Wireframe Template here

paulmwatson: Oh very nice and useful. Agreed that when you want a wireframe, as opposed to a mockup, then this is much better than a shiny, black iPhone design.

Any chance of more elements in this style being produced?

Neil: Thanks, Paul. I’ll see what I can do.

slatvick: Hi, Neil.
I made composite templates from your. Publish them here:…

Thanks a lot for the solution.

Misaiato: Thank you!

Rajesh R Nair: thanks a lot for sharing this… rajesh r nair