iPad Wireframe Photoshop Template


You loved the iPhone wireframe template, but now you want to design layouts for the iPad? No problem. Here’s an iPad wireframe template for you.

[download id=“2”]


Update: Get the iPhone 5 Wireframe Template here

Neil: Technically speaking, your prototyping library is does not for wireframing. It’s for creating mockups. Wireframes do not contain any visual flare, whereas mockups do.

Etienne Gibeau: Justinmind also released a complete widget library for iPad, to create wireframes and even fully interactive prototypes of apps for Apple new baby!

Victor Conesa: I completely agree with Neil, anyway [Dear Just In Mind staff: One comment touting your product is more than enough. -- Neil]

Dax: I’m getting a 37k zip file with a 0 byte PSD in it. Anyone else having issues?

Neil: It’s fixed.